Wood, a warm and welcoming style for outdoors… and inndoors

8 June, 2022

When it comes to creating welcoming spaces, there is no material like wood. With a natural appearance and a warm and pleasant tone, this inspiration creates very interesting visual harmonies thanks to its soft style, especially when it features light colours. Ceramics allow you to enjoy the aesthetic benefits of wood with exceptional strength and durability. These are some ceramic proposals inspired by wood for outdoors and indoors.

Natural looking terraces

Natural inspirations are the best ally when designing outdoor environments. Wood stands out above all as the natural material par excellence. It transmits peace and enhances the vegetation and other decoration elements, as long as they are consistent with the style.

Ducale Henna 29,5×120 cm / Maryland 29,5×2120 cm / Otawa Cedro 29,5×120 cm

Ducale, Maryland and Otawa show the different aesthetics that wood can project on a terrace depending on the tone. From the lightest to the darkest, each proposal transmits different nuances and allows you to play with the decoration and appear both on the pavement and drawing paths in grassy areas. An incomparable resource.

Indoor warmth

Used indoors, wood projects an air of warmth that is difficult to achieve with any other style. Neutral tones that transmit calm and show their best when bathed in natural light, creating a homey and welcoming atmosphere.

Wooden Oak 20×114 cm

Wood inspiration for interior spaces is especially effective in living rooms and bedrooms. On this occasion, Wooden appears with continuity between a room and a balcony, which multiplies the harmony and gives both spaces a single pleasant, serene and Mediterranean style.

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