Baldocer porcelain body tiles are very resistant ceramic products that offer great technical features. Among its qualities we find that they are little porous and high resistance to breakage.

*It should always be checked that the technical characteristics of the selected product are suited to its use.


The white body material used by Baldocer, offers great technical characteristics such as a smaller percentage of water absorption and high brightness of colors.


B-Plus is Baldocer’s top brand which consists in big sized and slim porcelain tiles thickness. B-Plus porcelain tiles are produced in 240×120 cm and 260×120 cm. size x 6mm thickness.


Is an exclusive product by Baldocer born with the intention to cover any ceramic surface and overcome the limitations of traditional ceramic.


Baldocer presents its new range of hygienic products B|Healthy, a list of new collections subjected to treatments that guarantee antimicrobial protection to surfaces through the application of new technical glazes capable of stopping the reproduction of bacteria, ensuring a healthy environment, free of dirt and unpleasant smells.


Thickened porcelain with 20 mm thickness that is perfect for outdoor use thanks to its exceptional technical characteristics. Its resistance, durability and non-slip finish make it the perfect solution for gardens and terraces, industrial areas and water environments such as swimming pools and beach areas.