In 1994 a ceramic technician with an extensive experience decided to carry out his inquisitiveness into a new project. At that moment, the production lines of Baldocer were activated and started to produce, with the support of an admirable team and  loyal clients from the beginning.

Just over a year later, after multiply the production, Baldocer expanded the facilities to many areas of the province of Castellón. It has been growing since then, and progresses with clear strategies attending  all the markets (more than 130 countries), with new production lines, new formats and new ceramic clays. The best quality and price with the latest design and technology.

Nowadays Baldocer’s facilities, are supported by 786.000 sqm of industrial ground. Which turns us into one of the main firms in the ceramic industry in Castellon. Baldocer, is not just the story of a man, but the history of a team made by exceptional workers, loyal clients and excellent suppliers.