The latest in terrace flooring this summer 2021

16 July, 2021

After an atypical year in which confinement claimed the value of terraces, summer 2021 presents itself as a perfect opportunity to enjoy them and give them the importance they deserve. The outdoor spaces are a privilege for those who are fortunate to have them, but it is essential to choose a terrace flooring that has specific technical and aesthetic characteristics.

Resistant and non-slip 

Baldocer has a wide variety of collections for outdoor floors that adapt perfectly to trends in the design of environments and also have the properties that require a pavement of these characteristics. One of the most important is the non-slip technology, which is achieved through the roughness of the surface and gives it greater traction even when the part is wet.

Another very important aspect is that the parts are resistant, since being outdoors they will be very exposed to the climatic conditions (rain, hail, snow, extreme temperatures, etc.) and to the wear that can cause factors such as the passage of vehicles. In this aspect, what gives the terrace flooring a maximum resistance is the thickness, that is, parts that are made with a thickness of more than 10 mm.

New features 

Unik, spaces of harmony and serenity 

One of the latest innovations from Baldocer that has these technical characteristics is Unik, a collection inspired by the sobriety of smooth cement that has an extensive range of colors to bring to each environment the tone that requires: Ivory, Ash, Grey and Taupe. All are available in natural and polished finish.

Unik is perfect for spaces that want to have a more industrial approach, always nuanced by its colors and finishes. Having a non-homogeneous design and being available in up to seven formats, it is a series that gives great freedom when it comes to paving outdoor areas.

Ducale, the warm essence of wood 

Ceramic inspired by American oak. Ducale is a collection with a wide variety of graphics capable of satisfying the most demanding spirits without the worry of wearing their surface.

It has four colors, two closer to natural wood (Cedar and Henna) and two more in muted tones (Moon and Grey). Its five formats and six different patterns allow creating compositions that bring a lot of dynamism and character to the environments.

Other proposals 

Ceramic allows to create spaces inspired by all kinds of materials with very little wear.


Ceramic inspired by cement brings serenity to the environments, with a very particular elegance based on its texture and nuances.

Baldocer has four collections inspired by cement with anti-slip technology, perfect for terrace paving: Architonic, Arkety, Civic and Towson.


It is common to find parquet floors enclosed spaces, but thanks to the ceramic there is the possibility of dressing outdoor areas with wood inspired floors that have a great resistance.

In fact, Baldocer has a lot of wood-inspired collections with thickening and anti-slip technology: Barkley, Belfast, Carpatos, Drake, Maryland and Otawa.


In contrast to the warmth of wood, stone-inspired ceramics bring a colder, yet very select and exclusive tone to the environments.

In the Baldocer catalogue you can find three collections inspired by stone, with dark tones and very interesting patterns: Brunswich, Habitat and Ural.

All the collections of flooring terrace, in different colors, formats and finishes, are available in the product section, where you can navigate between the series filtering by material, environment or effect.