Perfect transitions: terraces with continuity

3 May, 2022

When designing efficient spaces from both an aesthetic and functional perspective, coherence is a fundamental aspect. Creating harmonies that give a visual sense to homes and also serve to connect different rooms under the same criteria. In this aspect, the barrier between interior and exterior spaces is disappearing, giving rise to hybrid and transition areas that mix to maintain the same tone. As the lines between indoors and outdoors blur, the demand for flooring that can be used in both contexts increases. Versatile collections with a neutral style to create this integrating effect that it is conquering more and more homes.

Hedby 60×120 cm

Very bright spaces, with large doors and windows that accentuate the feeling of spaciousness. The connection between terraces and interior areas must ensure that the transition is smooth, natural and progressive. Because of this, it is very interesting that flooring and wall tiles of both spaces are homogeneous. Other elements such as pergolas or small roofs in the access areas also contribute to integrating environments.

Ducale Henna 29,5×120 cm

Designs inspired by nature: wood, stone and also cement that give environments a pleasant and welcoming tone. To be consistent with the integrating style that is intended to be given to terraces with continuity, it is essential to choose soft collections, with that evocative element that natural designs provoke. The most important thing is to transmit calm, serenity and peace.

Zander 60×120 cm

Lastly, for the transition between interior and exterior to be effective in functional terms, ceramics have to comply with a series of features. Resistance, anti-slip, water absorption… these are elements that must be taken into account when paving a mixed space. With this purpose, Baldocer has recently launched its B|&out range: 20 mm thick porcelain tile that is perfect for use outdoors thanks to its exceptional technical characteristics.