Parquet vs ceramic: the advantages of wood style porcelain floor

16 August, 2021

Ceramics make it possible to include inspirations of all kinds of materials in flooring and cladding of environments with a much higher performance and, in many cases, in a more economical way. Wood stlye porcelain floor has become an alternative to parquet flooring that is increasingly used throughout the world in the design of both interior and exterior spaces. Why is this so?

These are some of the main advantages that the ceramic floor has over the wood.

Resistance to water, wear, weather conditions, etc.

Wood is usually a delicate material that is susceptible to significant changes and deterioration if it comes into contact with external agents. This is not the case for ceramics, which has a high resistance to any element to which it may be subjected.

Porcelain is a low-porosity material that hardly absorbs water and does not dilate or contract with sudden changes in temperature. Because of that, it can be used both in outdoor spaces and in very demanding interior spaces such as the bathroom or kitchen.

On the other hand, it also responds very well to blows and weight can be applied without compromising its good condition. However, it is always advisable to look for models with the specific technical characteristics for each use.

Belfast Walnut 29,5×120 cm.

Durability without the need for maintenance

The extraordinary strength of the ceramic is also reflected in the little maintenance it requires. Porcelain maintains not only its good state, but also the same appearance for years without the need to apply chemicals, varnishes or any other type of specific product beyond its periodic cleaning.

This, added to the fact that you can choose the color, finish and even design of the pieces, gives it great aesthetic value.

Ducale Cedar 260×120 cm

Ecological alternative

The use of porcelain floors is an ecological alternative not only for imitation wood, but for any other original material. This is due to the fact that trees are not cut down to produce the “parquet”, but there are other aspects that should also be taken into account.

As mentioned above, ceramics are very resistant and do not require any specific treatment or maintenance, which results in less use of chemicals. On the other hand, the durability of the parts allows them to be used for decades without the need to change the surfaces, so less resources are spent on their production.

Wooden Maple 20×114 cm

Baldocer has in its catalogue a wide variety of imitation wood porcelain floor collections, with different colours, finishes, designs and technical characteristics.