Mediterranean color: sandy tones to transmit calm

10 May, 2022

There are as many styles as homes. Neutral colors are a timeless fashion that is still in force and is an amazing tool to create spaces that transmit calm, serenity and peace. The ceramic collections with sandy tones extract the beauty of the Mediterranean coast and capture it in calm, bright and very welcoming ambients. The warm tones evolve into softer and more subtle ones in stone-inspired tiles that give a natural and relaxed appearance applicable to any type of room.

Asphalt Off White 80×80 cm

Surfaces with sandy textures are characteristic of the Mediterranean style. One that is inspired by the warmth and light of the beach and projects them into the spaces to create unique harmonies. Homogeneous designs with colors that keep the same visual motif that fits perfectly on terraces and outdoor spaces, where in combination with natural light they print an unparalleled feeling of spaciousness and light.

Matter Ivory 60×120 cm

But this style does not only fit in outdoor spaces. Neutral colors are characterized by their enormous versatility, which allows them to be used in any type of space with a very interesting calming effect. These are soft designs with light colors that adapt perfectly to the characteristics of all ambients, as long as they have a consistent decoration and distribution that enhance the style.

Unik Ivory 260×120 cm

And it is that the Mediterranean style is indivisible from the warmth of natural materials. For this reason, despite the fact that the collections of neutral tones and sandy textures usually have light tones, the combination with other darker natural materials such as wood gives it a pleasant and cozy touch that cannot be achieved with any other style. Luminosity, harmony and naturalness to flood spaces with peace.