Baldocer invests in sustainability with the acquisition of two hybrid ceramic printers

27 July, 2021

Baldocer has acquired two D5 Hybrid ceramic printers from EFI Cretaprint, which give the possibility of working with eco-solvent or water-based inks, for its Vilafamés and Vila-real plants. This operation also involves the planting of 34 trees, 17 per machine, in the Iruelas Valley (Ávila) thanks to the collaboration agreement between EFI Cretaprint and Bosques Sostenibles.

This operation is part of the infrastructure reforms and renovations that Baldocer is carrying out in its factories. In the case of the Vilafamés plant, an extension of one of the buildings is being carried out, renewing the machinery to improve the manufacturing process and, in addition, making it more sustainable. As for the works of the Vila-real plant, part of the machinery is being renovated for the same purpose.

Less polluting ceramic printers

The Hybrid Ceramic Ecosystem range of printers operate with eco-solvent based and aqueous-based inks, giving companies more freedom to manufacture their products. In this sense, the possibility of working with water-based inks is a future commitment on the part of Baldocer, since it has technical benefits and is also less polluting.

Baldocer has invested heavily in the acquisition of EFI Cretaprint’s ceramic printers and in the refurbishment of the Vilafamés and Vila-real plants. A project that in addition to increasing the volume of production seeks to make processes more efficient and sustainable. The Vila-real plant is expected to be fully operational in October and the Vilafamés plant in January next year.

From EFI Cretaprint, through its Director of Global Sales of Construction Materials, Juan José Catalán, they are “very proud to continue to count on Baldocer as a key partner” within their digital technology project. “At EFI we believe that investing in more sustainable and efficient hybrid printing technology in the Spanish ceramic cluster is the key to continuing to lead global tile production,” he adds.

For his part, Baldocer’s production manager, Oscar Esteller, considers “very positive” having hybrid printers that give them the option of using water-based inks in their plants. “Working with EFI Cretaprint helps us to improve the quality and sustainability of our production processes, two fundamental pillars of our company philosophy“. A valuation that reaffirms Pau Peraire, plant manager in Vila-real: “Improving innovation requires investing in infrastructure and technology with leading companies such as EFI”.

Reforestation agreement

EFI Cretaprint collaborates with Bosques Sostenibles on the planting of 17 trees for each new printer sold: a symbolic figure equivalent to approximately 3 tons of CO2 emissions according to the 2019 greenhouse gas reports. This collaboration stems from the desire to compensate for emissions in the sector by means of an action which also helps to restock forests.

Bosques Sostenibles is a company supported by the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition that specializes in reforestation activity to mitigate the effects of global warming. It currently has more than 550,000 trees planted in the Iruelas Valley (Ávila) in an effort that aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations.