4 styles to achieve a designer living room

26 June, 2024

There are as many styles as there are people, and there are many paths that can lead you to having a magazine-worthy, aesthetic, and functional living room

From the most discreet and elegant styles to the most striking ones, the options for designing a designer living room are endless. In this article, we review four trending styles and how to bring them to your spaces using ceramics.

Extravagant style

Starting with the most striking, colorful marble is a spectacular resource to achieve a designer space with a lot of personality. If you are looking for a room that leaves no one indifferent, the use of large formats and exuberant designs helps build a space with its own life.

Bora-Bora Polished 120×280 cm. Floor Bora-Bora Polished 120×120 cm.

The polished finish also contributes to conveying that highly valued sense of luxury and sophistication.

Nature-inspired spaces

Nature is an inspiration that never goes out of style, but it has been a trend for a few years now. The correct combination of different natural textures such as stone, wood, and vegetation can build a designer living room with a very interesting biophilic style.

Wall Capital Marengo 80×160 cm. Floor Capital Marengo 80×80 cm.

In this space, the fireplace adds a distinctive touch through another natural element: fire.

Wood, a timeless classic

Continuing with natural textures, which are a safe bet in interior design, wooden flooring is an inexhaustible aesthetic resource. Far from the classic parquet, which has several disadvantages mainly related to maintenance, ceramic wood provides an unparalleled natural style with excellent technical performance.

Floor: Sequoya Walnut 20 x 120 cm.

One of the great advantages of wooden flooring is that it can be combined with a wide variety of textures, styles, and colors.

A warm and cozy refuge

Wood cladding, warm colors, and a simple and minimalist layout. With these three ingredients, you can design an aesthetic and cozy living room.

Village Soft Sable 80 x 160 cm. Sequoya Walnut 26 x 160 cm. Floor: Village Soft Sable 80 x 80 cm.

It’s all about adapting your space and possibilities to the style that interests you the most.

Decoration and interior design styles are very personal, but these are some ideas that have been very successful in recent months. And what do you think of these styles?

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