Wild character: ceramic with natural wear effect

8 June, 2022

The presence of natural inspirations in design spaces is undoubtedly one of the most powerful trends of recent times. The designers look for harmonies in the combination of natural materials such as stone or wood with vegetation and other elements that build welcoming environments, full of calm and peace. Now, however, a trend is emerging that aims to turn this concept around and take it one step further. The worn effect gives spaces a strong character, with an air that travels between the natural and the wild to fill them with personality. These are some proposals to put this ambitious trend into practice, as effective as it is risky.

Stone, wild nature

There are few inspirations that convey the feeling of naturalness of the stone. The worn effect gives it the realism necessary to design pure environments, with a charm that can only achieve that aspect of longevity that is so difficult to imitate.

Ural Bone 60×120 cm

The terraces and outdoor areas perfectly accommodate this style as they are exposed to environmental factors. Ceramic has exceptional performance and hardly suffers from deterioration, but a worn design fits very well with this type of environment.

Zermatt Acero 60×90 cm

Between natural and industrial

But the worn effect is not exclusive to natural inspirations. Other materials such as cement or metal also achieve a very interesting appearance of deterioration that builds a hybrid concept that travels between the natural and the industrial.

Metallic Wild 60×120 cm

Again, and despite the fact that it can be perfectly adapted to interiors, this style sees its effect enhanced on terraces and facades.

Hedby Calido 60×120 cm

Textures that recall the passage of time and its effect on construction materials, natural and industrial inspirations with designs full of personality… ceramics with a worn effect is a rising trend that is perfect for endowing spaces with special charisma. If you are looking for collections with unique designs like these, we invite you to download our catalogs and visit our products page to find these and other solutions for any type of project.