In 2016 we started a new stage

30 November, 2015

Each step we take, is oriented to offer you the best of ourselves and to put at your dis- posal all the possibilities of a material such as ceramics. We have been striving for more than 20 years to innovate in technology and design to make the result more satisfactory. As a result of this constant spirit of improvement, we add white paste to our catalog. It is a raw material that, thanks to components such as kaolin and feldspars, achieves that white characteristic.

We expand our ability to approach the latest aesthetic and technical trends with a xed eye on you, the customers. This new line will allow us to approach other ways for design, with all the advantages that white paste offers in the eld of design: the purity of whites and the possibilities of experimenting with formats.

With the introduction of white paste we increase the decorative and functional possibilities of the tiles maintaining what de nes us: innovation and avantgarde, but without losing sight of tradition.