Tropical inspiration: decor with vegetation for indoors

9 August, 2022

Ceramic is a decorative tool that allows each space to have a very different style: from the most sober inspirations such as stone or cement to the most classic ones such as white marbles, through metallized effects and, of course, decor. Since the origins of the hydraulic tile, back in the nineteenth century, ceramic prints have offered the possibility of giving a decorative touch to the environments. Today, the production processes are able to fully exploit the new possibilities of ceramic printing to adapt to current trends, such as natural inspirations. We talk about vegetation decor, a way of bringing aesthetics from the outdoors to the indoors.

Blossom is one of the new proposals that Baldocer presented in late 2021. It is a basic with a tropical print that combines different shades of green with orange tones and a light worn effect that makes it a collection full of character. Its large format also minimizes the presence of joints, which are camouflaged in the design to give an integral appearance.

Blossom 260×120 cm.

A totally different concept is the Tropical model of the Asphalt series. Printed on a stone effect background, the decor becomes a subtle and pleasant mural to bring a note of color to the space. It is a softer design, as the little lushness reveals a background that consistently enhances the feeling of naturalness.

Tropical Asphalt Grit 40×120 cm.

Natural aesthetics go beyond the use of inspirations in stone or wood. The vegetation decors allow to impact through tropical designs that transfer the best of nature to homes.

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