Trends: the rise of artisan-style ceramics

7 July, 2023

In the constant search for personalizing spaces, both homeowners and brands are increasingly turning to artisan-style finishes in residential, commercial, and hospitality design. Innovations in the manufacturing process allow for masterful recreations of surfaces shaped by time and the hands of skilled artisans. These new collections offer a variety of styles ranging from weathered materials and hand-chiseled stone to three-dimensional surfaces inspired by traditional handmade techniques. In this article, we will explore how these finishes are adding an artisan touch to floors and walls and how they have become a trend in interior design.

The charm of imperfection

Villewood Elm 60 x 120 cm. Floor: Detroit Ash 60 x 120

One of the main reasons why artisan-style finishes are gaining popularity is their ability to create a sense of authenticity and warmth in spaces. Materials such as weathered wood or antique brick bring a unique charm to walls and floors as they show signs of aging and carry a story. These finishes provide distinctive character and a sense of familiarity, helping to create inviting and appealing spaces.

Craftsmanship as a design element

Detroit White 30 x 60 cm. Multi Detroit White Mix 30 x 60 cm. Floor: Detroit Ash 60 x 60 cm.

Another advantage of artisan-style finishes is their ability to create unique and personalized surfaces. Manufacturing processes have perfected traditional techniques to achieve impressive results. Three-dimensional surfaces add depth and texture to walls, creating a visually intriguing effect.

Versatile finishes

Montmartre Sable 60 x 120 cm. Illusion Montmartre Terre 60 x 120 cm. Floor: Foresta Noce 20 x 120 cm.

Ceramics have the ability to adapt to a wide range of design styles, from rustic to contemporary. Additionally, they can be used both indoors and outdoors, allowing for visual continuity between spaces. Whether used on floors, walls, or as a decorative element, ceramics with an artisan finish add character and personality.

The ability to recreate the appearance of surfaces shaped by time and the hands of skilled artisans has revived the demand for these finishes in residential, commercial, and hospitality settings. Whether through weathered materials, three-dimensional surfaces, or hand-finished golden details, these artisan collections add a dose of authenticity and charm to spaces, creating inviting and visually intriguing environments.

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