Tips to get a designer kitchen in 2023

9 June, 2023

Interior design plays a fundamental role in the aesthetics and functionality of a kitchen, which is such an important space in our homes. Here are some key tips to achieve an impressive design kitchen in 2023.

1. Luminosity and minimalism

Flooring: Foresta Noce 20×120 cm.

Luminosity and minimalism are essential elements to achieve a modern and sophisticated kitchen design. Opt for a palette of light and neutral colors, such as white, gray, or cream tones, for the walls and furniture. These colors will help create a sense of spaciousness and brightness in the space.

Furthermore, make the most of natural light. If possible, let sunlight in by opening curtains or blinds during the day. If your kitchen lacks windows, consider installing recessed LED lights on the ceiling to provide soft and uniform general lighting.

2. Playing with textures

Detroit Beige 33.3×100 cm. Slats Detroit Beige 33.3×100 cm. Flooring: Detroit Beige 60×120 cm

Adding interesting textures is an excellent way to give character and style to your kitchen. Consider incorporating materials and coverings that add visual and tactile texture. For example, you can choose tiles with unique patterns.

Another option is to play with textures through accessories and decorative elements. You can add curtains with interesting textures, such as lace or attractive fabrics, or place tablecloths with embossed details. These subtle touches of texture will create visual contrast and add dimension to your kitchen design.

3. An aesthetic and functional island

Volcano Bianco 60×120 cm. Flooring: Volcano Bianco 120×120 cm.

Kitchen islands are a popular trend in interior design due to their versatility and style. A well-designed island can serve as a preparation area, additional storage space, and even a breakfast or bar area.

To create an aesthetic and functional island, it’s important to consider the balance between design and utility. Choose a countertop that complements the overall style of your kitchen and ensure that the size and shape of the island fit properly in the available space.

These tips will help you transform your kitchen into a modern, elegant, and functional space. Remember to always adapt them to your personal style and specific needs, creating a kitchen that reflects your own sense of design and comfort.