The latest trends in wall tiles

8 March, 2023

Ceramic tiles are constantly reinventing themselves to extract the maximum potential from white body and achieve the most interesting visual effects. New designs, finishes, decorations and inspirations are already setting the trends for 2023. These are some of the proposals with the most potential.

Infinite reliefs

Illusion Montmartre Vert 60×120 cm

One of the strongest bets in terms of ceramic wall tiles are the reliefs and three-dimensional textures. These are designs that add dynamism and present a cheerful and contemporary style. The Baldocer series that best represents this resource is Montmartre, with a universe of colors, reliefs and decorations.

Decorados naturales

Neve Satin 60×120 cm. Giardino Satin 60×120 cm. Floor: Foresta Noce 20×120 cm.

Along with the unquestionable trend of collections inspired by natural materials, such as stone or wood, decorations with flowers, leaves and other elements of vegetation also prevail in this new year. Neve Satin is a very interesting collection to highlight the aesthetic value of this resource, as it has both monochromatic models and others with decorations that contrast and create a very interesting enhancement effect.

Bigger size, bigger possibilities

Villewood Elm 60 x 120 cm. Floor: Detroit Ash 60 x 120

Baldocer has recently expanded its portfolio of wall tile products with the release of white body models in 60×120 cm, which becomes the largest format for use on walls. We recently showed our latest novelties for this type of product, click here.

If you want to know more about these and other Baldocer series, visit our product page or download our catalogues.