The incomparable presence of the large-format ceramic slab

12 July, 2022

Ceramics allow any kind of design project to be undertaken as it is a highly adaptable material from both an aesthetic and functional perspective. To create spaces with presence and impact, large-format slabs emerge as an enhancing element that multiplies the effect of the style chosen. From ambients with a soft and neutral air to the most extravagant and striking spaces, large formats provide a very special scope and integrating perspective. These are some of the possibilities it offers.

Big impact

Baldocer presents its large formats with B|Plus range, which has 260×120 cm and 240×120 cm slabs. Pieces with more than two and a half meters in height that show 100% the potential of each design. Marble, cement, stone, wood or basic, any inspiration improves by minimizing the joints, which allows the drawing to be shown in a “cleaner” way.

Blossom 260×120 cm.

This effect is enhanced in the case of prints, since they have more visible patterns and recognizable figures. Blossom, one of Baldocer’s novelties in 2021, is the perfect example of this.

Ininite facades

The uniformity shown by the large-format pieces allows the creation of integrating aesthetics that are very harmonious visually, which is ideal for cladding facades. Inspirations such as stone or cement convey an air of sobriety that, together with the dimensions of the pieces, give them a great presence.

Habitat Taupe 260×120 cm.

Here, Habitat and its inspiration in stone not only manage to give an integrating effect to the entire outdoor area, but also gives it a very interesting natural air.

Designs with continuity

If we previously saw how effective large-format pieces with printed models are, since they allow the drawing to be shown more clearly, this is multiplied with abstract designs. Marbles that have heterogeneous patterns that cross the surface of the pieces and jump from one to another without the change being appreciated.

Quantum 260×120 cm.

The models with continuity are an incomparable resource when it comes to giving spaces an appearance of luxury and design, as shown in this Quantum ambient, one of Baldocer’s first novelties in 2022.

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