Marble prevails with rich and colorful designs

5 July, 2022

Spectacularity in design is flooding the new proposals in marble. This timeless material is inspiring models full of personality that stand out for their exuberance and striking patterns, which give off an avant-garde and innovative air. This is achieved thanks to increasingly refined printing techniques that allow to play with different styles to achieve new aesthetics with enormous precision and efficiency. These are some of the characteristics of the latest marbles:

Impossible patterns

The possibility of impregnating designs with new nuances is awakening the deepest creativity of ceramic designers. New shapes, textures, colors and intensities that combine to create unusual patterns, with aesthetics of the future that meet the traditionality of marble.

Lemurian 260×120 cm

Lemurian, one of Baldocer’s first novelties in 2022, perfectly represents this trend of exuberance and spectacularity. A design inspired by blues, greens and browns that also give an air of naturalness highly valued in recent times.

Full color

An essential aspect in the search for striking designs is the use of color. Usually away from neutral tones, trendy marbles are not afraid to innovate in terms of their range of colors, which, although they are usually intense, are also presented on other occasions in pastel tones that soften their effect.

Earlier this year, Onyx was presented with four colors and a design made to play a leading role in creating exceptional spaces.

A world of contrasts

Even when moving away from colorful designs and approaching the simplicity of the basics, the new marbles take refuge in the intensity of black and white. A way to ensure a strong impact and to play with the contrasts between ceramics and decorative elements.

This is perfectly represented in Quantum and Moonlight, two of Baldocer’s latest proposals in this 2022. Marbles that capture a subtle but obvious veining on basic and monocolor backgrounds.

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