Large-format marble is the star of Baldocer’s proposal at Coverings

4 April, 2022

Baldocer returns to Coverings with a proposal based on large-format pieces and four new marbles, which are complemented by other collections of the brand to shape its stand. A design space, located at location #C9435, which also features other series that were presented in 2021.

Baldocer is a company that manufactures, designs and sells ceramic flooring and coverings with great added value. It is currently one of the leading companies in the ceramics sector, with more than 600 employees and a presence in more than 130 countries. Baldocer has adapted to the countless technological changes that have occurred in the sector, always following a policy of innovation and design to continuously improve the quality of the product and the service provided to customers.

Baldocer’s proposal for this edition of Coverings is based on the beauty of marble, a timeless material that continues to inspire models that adapt its classic look to the main current trends. On this occasion, most of the collections presented by the brand stand out for having striking designs and intense colors.

The first novelties can be found even before entering the stand. Part of the exterior wall will be covered with 260×120 cm sheets of QUANTUM, a white calacatta marble of classic style that presents a fine but very marked veining, with an intense rust color and continuity in the design. Quantum is available in natural and polished finish in formats 260×120 cm, 120×120 cm, 60×120 cm, 60×60 cm and 40×120 cm.

The rest of the façade features ONYX, a lush onyx marble with intense colours and captivating design. A collection that leaves no one indifferent. The outside of the stand features 260×120 cm sheets in its four colours: Bleu, Turquoise, Rose and Sable. This collection exists in formats 260×120 cm, 120×120 cm and 60×120 cm.

In the first ambient is presented another of the novelties of this 2022: MOONLIGHT. A collection that bases its strength on the intensity of its black background and the abundant veins that cross it. The series makes its appearance on the stand in 260×120 cm format, but is also available in 120×120 cm and 60×120 cm. Moonlight creates an interesting game of contrasts with the white of Quantum, which presents two models of white body with relief in 40×120 cm: Flash Quantum and Strokes Quantum. This space also features a metallic touch thanks to a panel made with 15×15 cm pieces of Diva Bronze.

The last of the novelties is presented in the second ambient. LEMURIAN, an imposing marble with a polished finish whose colours are based on the beauty of nature, appears in 260×120 cm format. The collection is also available in 120×120 cm format.

The third ambient is a sample of the variety of styles that Baldocer presents in its latest collections in marble. The space is dressed in Manaos, an extraordinary green marble that was released a few months ago in formats 260×120 cm, 120×120 cm and 60×120 cm. In this space there’s also a technical wall with samples of this year’s novelties (Onyx, Lemurian, Moonlight and Quantum), but also from Atlantida, Bellagio, Baikal and Wacom, collections that have been presented in recent months. Ceramic marbles of very diverse styles that serve to represent the wide offer of Baldocer in this timeless inspiration.

A more industrial style appears in the living room hand in hand with the combination between Metallic and the cement effect of Unik. Both collections appear maintaining the trend of the stand with large format pieces: 260×120 cm, 80×160 cm and 60×120 cm.

Asphalt, one of Baldocer’s more versatile collections, appears in the fifth ambient to show all its potential. Asphalt Off White and Asphalt Fume combine with Tropical Asphalt and its exceptional natural decoration for wall tiling. An atmosphere that breathes sobriety and serenity thanks to its inspiration in stone.

Another interesting natural scenery appears in the sixth and final ambient with Blossom. A spectacular sheet of 260×120 cm with a tropical design that contrasts with the subtlety of the small piece (7.5×30 cm) and the chromatic variety of Gemstone, which in this case appears in two panels of 120×360 cm and 240×360 cm, one with warm colors and another with cold colors.

Following the success of Coverings 2021, held last July in Orlando, Baldocer attends the 2022 edition with the aim of showing his products in person to potential customers from different markets around the world. With exhibitors from more than 25 countries and thousands of distributors, retailers, manufacturers, contractors, architecture and design professionals, builders and developers, Coverings is the largest ceramic exhibition in North America.