The aesthetic value of neutral colors: inspirations and possibilities

16 December, 2022

Within the infinite aesthetic possibilities that exist in interior design, neutral colors are an inexhaustible resource. A timeless trend that is always present and is reinvented to create spaces that convey an incomparable sense of calm, peace and serenity. And since it is important not to confuse neutral with “simple” or “basic”, it is worth reviewing the novelties that take these soft and pleasant tones and adapt them to contemporary trends. Here are some of the possibilities offered by the new neutral color collections.

Stone effect

Dome Nut 60 x 120 cm. Floor: Dome Nut 120 x 120 cm.

Ceramics with natural inspirations is a trend that has been gaining strength in recent years. The harmonies they create cause a sense of well-being that is very difficult to achieve with other materials, making it a very interesting resource for using soft colors and combining them with irregular and heterogeneous textures. Dome is a clear example, especially in its colors Nut, Bone and Ash.

Reinventing classic styles

Hampton Natural 60 x 120 cm. Floor: Hampton Natural 60 x 120 cm.

Although marble is a material with a classic air thanks especially to white background designs, such as calacatta, it is an inspiration that offers great versatility in its conception. For this reason, it is very easy to apply new concepts, patterns and colors that adapt it to the trends of the moment. Here, Hampton presents a very soft gray and a subtle and evocative design that enhances the harmonies and builds very pleasant ambients in both natural and polished finish.

Color, texture and relief

Ergon Foresta Faggio 60 x 120 cm.

Neutral colors and natural aesthetics can be combined with reliefs and textures to provide a decorative tone to the walls. As an example, Ergon Foresta Faggio meets all the requirements to create a warm, serene and welcoming atmosphere.

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