The decorative value of ceramics: designs and reliefs

20 January, 2023

Among the many attributes that characterize ceramics, its functional and aesthetic versatility is one of the most outstanding. Able to reproduce any material and to house the most impressive designs, it is an element of great decorative value in interior design projects. Today we show you our most decorative proposals for the beginning of 2023.



Wall: Montmartre Ciel 60×120 cm. Buisson Montmartre 60×120 cm. Floor: Dome Ash 80×80 cm.

Montmartre is a colorful collection of white body tiles for cladding that offers a wide range of colors and various floral designs in 60×120 cm and 30×90 cm formats.

Neve Satin

Wall: Neve Satin 60 x 120 cm. Giardino Satin 60 x120 cm. Floor: Foresta Noce 20 x 120 cm.

Neve Satin is the perfect series to decorate with subtlety and a style full of light and life. Two new formats have recently been added to the existing range: 33.3×100 cm. and 60×120 cm. with new reliefs and floral decorations.



IIlusion Montmartre Vert 60×120 cm.

This cheerful and complete collection proposes a different and innovative aesthetic through reliefs that create spectacular visual effects.


Wall: Strip Northwood Elm 33,3×100 cm. Neve Satin 33,3 x 100 cm. Floor: Northwood Elm 20×120 cm.

Northwood blends the cozy essence of natural wood and the excellent performance of ceramic. A collection with a soft and pleasant design full of possibilities.

To learn more about these and other Baldocer collections, we invite you to visit our product page and download our catalogs.