Ceramics with worn effect: proposals and possibilities for a more natural finish

20 January, 2023

Within the unquestionable trend of visual textures inspired by natural materials, ceramics are always finding new ways to add new details and nuances to achieve the most impressive aesthetics. To give an extra point of realism to the designs taken from nature, some collections include an interesting worn effect that emphasizes the wildest aspect of these timeless aesthetics. These are some of our latest proposals.


Wall: Detroit Coal 60×120 cm. Floor: Detroit Coal 60×120 cm.

From the combination of the industrial style of cement and the irregular textures of stone comes Detroit. A collection of sober style that perfectly represents the richness of nuances that the worn effect brings.


Wall: Villewood Elm 60×120 cm. Floor: Detroit Ash 60×120

Villewood recreates the effect of wood strips with a unique feeling of heterogeneity that gives it a more natural and realistic air. An innovative ceramic proposal for cladding with different tones and textures.


Wall: Metallic Urban 260×120 cm. Floor: Metallic Urban 120×120 cm.

Metallic exudes a charismatic industrial air reminiscent of the effect of the passage of time on construction metals. A collection with a groundbreaking style and full of personality.

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