B|Healthy: Hygienic surfaces for healthy spaces

28 August, 2023

In a context where hygiene and health have taken on unprecedented importance, Baldocer has a range of hygienic products that puts innovation at the service of well-being: B|Healthy. This series of ceramic collections not only decorate spaces, but also offer revolutionary antibacterial protection. Let’s explore in detail how these improved surfaces are transforming environments and ensuring healthier spaces.

Advanced antibacterial protection

The technology behind B|Healthy is the key to its effectiveness. These ceramic tiles undergo special treatments that incorporate cutting-edge technical glazes. These glazes not only halt the reproduction of bacteria but also prevent the formation of dark areas and bad odors. In other words, B|Healthy surfaces not only appear clean but are also clean at a microscopic level.

Glaciar 260×120 cm. Grafton Silver 60×60 cm.

Versatile applications

The versatility of B|Healthy tiles is impressive. Designed to thrive in various settings, they are ideal for both domestic spaces and professional environments that demand exceptional levels of hygiene. From hospitals and clinics to industrial kitchens and schools, these surfaces adapt perfectly to any place where a high standard of cleanliness and safety is required.

Matter Ivory Natural 60×120 cm. Matter Ivory Natural 120×120 cm.

Advantages and benefits

Here are some of the advantages of using B|Healthy surfaces:

1. Safety and easy maintenance

B|Healthy tiles provide guarantees of hygiene and cleanliness, and their maintenance is comfortable and straightforward. This is essential for both homes and commercial spaces.

2. Increased durability

Thanks to their antibacterial protection, these tiles are more durable by preventing the degradation that bacterial colonization can cause.

3. Effective disinfection

B|Healthy not only halts bacterial growth but also interrupts their life cycle, achieving a gradual elimination of bacteria in the environment. This prevents the appearance of dark stains and unpleasant odors.

4. Environmental safety

These surfaces do not contain toxic substances and are safe for use in a wide variety of facilities and buildings.

5. Aesthetic adaptability

Unlike many antibacterial solutions, B|Healthy does not compromise on design. Its treatment is independent of the visual aspect, meaning it harmoniously integrates into any environment.

B|Healthy represents a leap forward in creating healthy spaces. From medical settings to homes and commercial spaces, these surfaces are setting the standard for a new level of cleanliness and safety. The combination of advanced technology and tangible benefits makes them a smart choice for anyone who values a clean and healthy environment.