Baldocer to perform at Coverings 2021 with a blend of elegance and avant-garde

7 July, 2021

After a year without major international events in the ceramic sector, Coverings 2021 is a date marked in red by all manufacturers. Baldocer’s participation in the American fair is a good opportunity to show in person the best collections of the 2021 catalogue, since many of them were exhibited in a virtual tour on the occasion of Cersaie 2020 but until now there had not been the opportunity to show them in an international tile fair.

The fair will take place July 7-9 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Parallel to the physical event, Coverings is organizing an online interactive virtual event during the fair days for ceramic professionals who cannot travel.

At booth 5648, Baldocer will have an exhibition of more than 50 m² with some of its most charismatic collections, focused mainly on the American market. But Coverings will also be the time to showcase the main novelties of the 2021 catalog. Novelties such as Bellagio and Gemstone, two very different collections that share elegance and sophistication in their designs.

Other series that will also be exhibited at Coverings 2021, with a huge list of models and formats, are Atlantida, Shetland, Clinker, Eternal, Ducale, Adaggio or Jewel among others.

New collections: Bellagio and Gemstone (H2)

Baldocer arrives at Coverings 2021 with two new features under his arm. Two collections with exclusive designs that perfectly embody, each with a different style, several key elements of the brand philosophy: quality, avant-garde, versatility and innovation.


A white Borghini marble with golden and grey veins, with polished gloss finish and with a non-repeating graphic that provides a very special dynamism, since the combination of pieces allows to create very different patterns.

In Coverings, Bellagio will appear on the façade of the stand in large format, with pieces of 260×120 cm with 7 mm thickness, and inside the booth in a 60×120 cm format, but it is also available in 120×120 cm format. A series with ground polished finish that is perfect for both the wall and the flooring of sophisticated and elegant spaces.


A unique collection, featuring a distinctive version of interior cladding that extracts the beauty of precious stones. Gemstone is color and details capable of bringing personality to environments, shaping the most personal creations of contemporary architectures.

Baldocer will present up to nine colors of this new collection, four of them (Snow, Sapphire, Pyrite and Onyx) in 15×15 cm format and five (Cream, Agate, Gold, Ruby and Emerald) in 7.5×30 cm format. All colors, including Coral, are available in both formats.

Other outstanding collections (H2)

But Bellagio and Gemstone are not going to be the only protagonists of Coverings 2021. The Orlando event is a perfect opportunity for series that were only exhibited through virtual tours to showcase at an international trade fair in the sector.


Inspired by a Pietra style of marble, Eternal is a very subtle collection with white veins that bring nuances and depth. A series highly valued in the interior design sector for its enormous possibilities when it comes to creating select and distinguished spaces.

Eternal has a great variety of colors, formats and finishes. In Coverings you can find Eternal Dark Natural, Eternal Cream, Eternal Taupe, Eternal Dark Polished and Eternal Pearl Natural in 60×120 cm, 60×60 cm, 30×60 cm, 33,3×100 cm and 120×120 cm formats.


Atlantida is a very special series, with an exclusive design and a heterogeneous pattern in blue with brown and white veins. This drawing creates a very distinguished water effect reminiscent of the submerged city that gives it its name. It is an exclusive polished ground marble that attracts attention for the intensity of its tones.

This collection will share space with Bellagio on the facade of the Baldocer exhibition at Coverings 2021 with large format pieces of 260×120 cm with 7 mm thickness.


Based on natural stone, Shetland brings elegance and sobriety to spaces with a base of colour that contrasts with radiant white veins that run through its surface, enhancing the beauty of any environment.

In Coverings you can see its two colors (Moon and Dark) in 33×100 cm and 15×15 cm formats.


Clinker is a collection of white body for wall tiles that features a shimmering effect and a combination of luminous colors that result in an explosion of brilliant nuances of exquisite elegance.

In Coverings you can find the Clinker collection in its colors Snow and Dark, with 30×90 cm pieces, but it is also available in 40×120 cm format and in its innovative colors Cape Bronze and Cape Metalic.


Ceramic inspired by American oak. A collection with a wide variety of graphics capable of satisfying the most demanding spirits without the worry of wearing their surface.

This series will be present in Coverings with pieces of 40×120 cm, 20×120 cm, 60×120 cm and 33.3×100 cm format, through their models Bader Ducale Henna, Ducale Cedar and Chess Ducale Grey, a design that is inspired by a chessboard.

Ducale and Eternal will be joined in three extraordinary and very striking cubic pieces of different heights and sizes that will be placed on the stand as a design element.

B|Small, little dose design

The B|Small line will also have a significant presence in Coverings 2021. In addition to Gemstone, one of the novelties, small-format pieces will gain prominence thanks to others such as Adaggio and Jewel.

These collections give a lot of play not only thanks to the practicality offered by their formats, but also to their unique and avant-garde designs that, although they differ greatly from each other, are both of a select and sophisticated tone.

Adaggio is a series of marble with white background and golden veins, perfect for very select environments. In Coverings you can find in 7.5×30 cm format.

For his part. Jewel is a collection with a lot of presence and designs inspired by silver and gold that can be found in 15×15 cm format. Its tones and relief are perfect to bring distinction to any environment.

Coverings 2021 is just around the corner and is a perfect opportunity to showcase Baldocer’s most exclusive products to the international public at one of the most important events in the ceramic sector in the world.