Baldocer shows all its novelties in an interactive virtual tour

16 July, 2021

Covid-19 drew a new picture for companies in the ceramic sector, which have been forced to reinvent themselves and find new ways to develop their activity as normally as possible. In this context, Baldocer developed a virtual tour where shows all its novelties through an interactive tool that allows to move through the atmospheres in 360º and to visualize videos and technical files of each collection.

Baldocer Virtual Experience was born after the cancellation of the international fair of Cersaie 2020, a setback that led Baldocer to develop a different formula to show its stand to customers around the world without the need to visit it in person. This experience is available on the website next to the virtual showroom, a review of the atmospheres, panels, samples, etc. that are available to visit in person at its headquarters in Vilafamés.

An exhibition without limits 

The virtual tour of Baldocer overcomes the barriers of space and offers a total experience thanks to the quality of its image and the enormous possibilities offered by the tool.

Inside the exhibition, the visitor can navigate freely through the stand and its different atmospheres. Up to 14 spaces with their respective collections, in which there is the possibility of accessing larger virtual atmospheres with all available formats to expand visitor information about the product.

In addition, each collection has a gallery of images with other spaces of the series and a small video that shows the product more in detail so the visitor doesn’t miss the finish, the color or the texture of each model.

This is especially important because Baldocer Virtual Experience presents collections inspired by six different materials: Stone, with Shetland, Rockland, Zermatt and Matter Glacier; cement, with Unik; wood, with Ducale and Wooden; metal, with Lux and Clinker; marble, with Eternal, Atlantida, Nexside Blue and Adaggio; and basic, with Jewel. The virtual tool allows users to view the product in detail and from different angles, knowing its technical characteristics and contemplating its fit in different types of environments.

Baldocer continues to seek innovation, not only in his designs and in his production processes, but also in his way of presenting them to the public. The virtual tour offers new possibilities to bring the products to customers around the world, who have the possibility to see the novelties with a single click.