Baldocer invests in innovation to improve the packaging of its products

18 March, 2022

In its constant search to improve the quality of the service provided to its customers, Baldocer has made a significant commitment to innovation in the automation of its packaging lines. The new machinery, which aims to provide greater protection to the palletized product, has been installed by Innova Group and is already fully operational at Factory 1 in Baldocer, located in Vilafamés.

With the new Stretch Hood line, Baldocer relies on state-of-the-art technology that allows the company to go one step further in applying its quality policies. This machinery, fully automated and prepared to adapt to any pallet format, applies an extra cover on the upper part to increase the protection of a product that is used to being stored for long periods of time outdoors, exposed to inclement weather. With this commitment to innovation in packaging, Baldocer achieves a double protection of the product, which significantly reduces the probability of receiving damage, especially due to water leaks, even in the event of small breaks in the film during transport.

The new wrapping line is designed to adapt to Baldocer’s needs in terms of logistics, quality and sustainability. In addition to the extra coverage at the top of the load, the machinery applies ring-wrapping and a reinforcing cord across the entire surface, which allows greater support and stability to be achieved even in the case of non-uniform palletizing. The installation has a transport line that is prepared for the access of different load vehicles and a pallet weighing system, which allows obtaining the necessary information to print the labels on site. A technology that optimazes Baldocer’s working systems, offering the best service to the end customer and continuing to add to Baldocer’s environmental policy, since it is energy efficient and is designed to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible.

Baldocer continues to work on the implementation of the latest technologies in its production processes. A commitment to innovation hand in hand with strategic partners such as Innova Group that allows the company to improve the quality of its products and the service provided to customers. Soon, the new packaging line of Factory 1 will be expanded with improvements such as a horizontal strapping system with corner pieces and pallet feeding by means of AGV. In addition, the installation of two additional packaging lines dedicated to standard and large format productions, respectively, is planned.