Baldocer installs 7,000 solar panels

7 July, 2021

Baldocer takes a new step in its environmental policy with a new project of sustainability. This coming July will be finished the installation of 7,000 solar panels on the roof of its new logistics warehouse in Vilafamés, which will allow the factory to generate 25% of the electricity needed by one of its plants.

The warehouse, located in the Vilafamés plant, has an area of 36,000 m² and has been designed to house 18,000 m² of solar panels. These facilities will be completed by next July and will be added to the construction of a new warehouse in Vall d’Alba, on a plot of 253,000 m², with a covered area of 86,530 m² and a load area of 10,800 m².

The photovoltaic installation will have an electrical power of 3,280 kWp, which means an annual generation of more than 4,000,000 kWh. This translates into a reduction in emissions of more than 1,000 tons of CO2, the equivalent of planting 73,000 trees.

State-of-the-art solar panels 

To increase the efficiency of the new installation of solar panels, it has been used a technology of monocrystalline modules, which shows the best behavior against high temperatures. This decision also involves the use of fewer parts to obtain the same amount of energy as with other types of installations, which also results in fewer structures and materials.

The correct functioning of the installation will be controlled through a monitoring system by the company that has carried out the installation of the solar panels.

Environmental impact measures 

The main objective of this new facility is to minimise emissions and thus the environmental impact of Baldocer. In this regard, the brand has established a series of sustainability measures to ensure that the installation of the solar panels has the least possible impact on their environment.

As a measure to protect the soil, limited areas have been defined for the development of the works, the passage of machinery and the deposition of materials or waste, trying to reduce to the maximum the space used by operators.

To prevent water pollution during the works, a sanitation system has been implemented, adapted to the needs of the project and to the company’s environmental impact criteria.

Prior to the start of the works, in order to achieve optimal waste management, an Environmental Monitoring Plan (PVA) was drawn up, which included a Demolition and Construction Waste Management Plan, specifying the types of waste generated during the works and how to manage it. In parallel, a Clean Point has been built for the selective and safe storage of materials.

Measures for the acoustic, atmospheric and flora and fauna protection of the factory environment have also been implemented.

Investment in sustainability 

One of the strengths of this new investment in sustainability by Baldocer is that it has been carried out taking into account the weather conditions of the area. A forecast has been made of the performance of the panels from the surrounding solar resources, resulting in optimal energy production thanks to the enormous exposure to sunlight to which they will be subjected.

Sustainability and respect for the environment are two fundamental pillars of the company philosophy of Baldocer, which with this ambitious project continues to add in the ecological transition of the companies of Castellón, led by one of the leading brands in the ceramic sector.