Baldocer closes Coverings with a very positive balance

8 April, 2022

Hundreds of visitors have come this week to the Baldocer booth to appreciate its proposal in the latest edition of Coverings. The North American fair, the largest ceramic exhibition on the continent, closes its 2022 edition today, in which Baldocer has obtained a more than positive balance.

Coverings 2022, which this time has changed location and has taken place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, has brought together companies and professionals from ceramic, construction and interior design sectors from all over the world. A perfect opportunity to show Baldocer’s work, materialized in his most recent collections:  QuantumOnyxMoonlight and Lemurian. A commitment to the timeless essence of large-format marble, with pieces to cause the greatest impact thanks to their size and designs full of strength and character. In addition to the four new marbles and others that were presented in 2021 such as BellagioBaikalManaos or Wacom, it has also had inspirations in metal with  Metallic, stone with Asphalt or textile with the tropical print of  Blossom. In addition, other emblematic collections such as Atlantida or the colorful pieces in small format from Gemstone have also had a presence at the booth.

An exceptional proposal that has been completed with the presentation of the new Baldocer catalogs and with dozens of technical panels with samples and complete information on a large list of the brand’s collections. At the same time, Baldocer has shared all the information about the company and its participation in Coverings 2022 on the fair’s digital platform, where the public has been able to consult throughout the week the location of the stand, press releases, videos, images and descriptions of the collections. Baldocer has put all available resources at the disposal of customers to present their products in an edition of Coverings that has left great sensations.


These are the novelties that Baldocer has presented at Coverings 2022:

A lush, on-trend onyx marble with rich colors and captivating design. Thanks to the magnitude of its porcelain pieces and its striking style, it is capable of conquering the most creative gazes. A collection that leaves no one indifferent due to its design, its variety of graphics and its four colours: Bleu, Turquoise, Rose and Sable.

Onyx is available in a polished finish in 260×120 cm, 120×120 cm and 60×120 cm formats.



A porcelain collection that bases its strength on the intensity of its black background and the abundant golden veins that run through it. Moonlight is a polished marble full of depth that offers many possibilities thanks to its non-repetitive design and its four graphic variations. A trend series that exudes character for large spaces with a very defined style.

Moonlight is available in 260×120 cm, 120×120 cm and 60×120 cm formats.


A classic-style white marble that has a fine but very marked veining of an intense rust color. Its design with continuity between pieces allows to create a unique harmony, creating the effect that the tiles form a single set. A very versatile collection that is available in both polished and natural finishes and has porcelain and white paste models. The latter have embossed designs (Strokes Quantum and Flash Quantum) and are available in gloss and satin finishes.

The series exists in 260×120 cm, 120×120 cm, 60×120 cm, 60×60 cm and 40×120 cm formats.


An imposing jewel marble with a polished finish whose colors are based on the beauty of nature. A game of intense greens, blues and browns in a captivating design that, together with its large-format porcelain pieces, gives this exceptional collection a unique air of exclusivity.

Lemurian has four graphic variations and is available in 260×120, 120×120 cm and 60×120 cm formats.