Baldocer, present at the virtual fair Ceramicnews by El Periódico del Azulejo

24 December, 2021

In order to make the most of the possibilities of new digital tools in the promotion of ceramic products, Baldocer participates in the virtual fair Ceramicnews by El Periódico del Azulejo. A permanent online exhibition that was born with the aim of showing the offer of some of the main brands of the Castellón ceramic sector, although other important actors are also represented such as the Town Councils of Onda and Alcora. This digital space will be operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and can be consulted from anywhere on the planet.

Baldocer’s virtual stand offers a total experience thanks to the enormous possibilities offered by the tool. An interactive interface that allows you to move through the environments in 360º and view videos and technical files of each collection. Within the exhibition, the visitor can navigate freely through the stand and its different environments: more than 15 spaces in which there is the possibility of accessing more extensive virtual environments with all the available formats to expand the visitor’s information about the product. The collections represented in the virtual stand are Metallic, Unik, Asphalt, Blossom, Zermatt, Zander, Ducale, Gemstone, Manaos, Atlantis, Baikal, Bellagio, Eternal and Wacom.

Ceramicnews by El Periódico del Azulejo emulates the structure of a physical fair through a digital environment in which brands have their own space to present their virtual stands. In addition, the platform will regularly host press conferences, colloquiums, webinars and live events. The almost 30 media of the Prensa Ibérica group will promote this new tool to increase its reach and achieve a strong impact at national and international level.



Baldocer Virtual Experience: